Welcome to Showdoh


We are Producers Associate for Spectacular Multi-media production. Three key board members with experienced professionals in variety industries.

Scope of work

Planning / Consulting  / Technical coordination / Production

for Large scale events and permanent installation, Pavillion of World Expo and  Theme park attraction.

Chief Director

Multi-media show director, Koyama Masami was born in 1952 in Japan. He learned Photography at Nippon University of Art.
Since he started working as a leading laser artist, he never stopped to make full use of a diverse passion of light, water, fire and image with music for his spectacular shows which spin fantastic stories into space.

We know how to build great projects.


Some of our work done all over the world.

Nakanoshima Light festival

Projection Mapping in Osaka Japan

Projection 1

Water fantasy in summer

Water show in Tokyo Japan


National Day Parade

Laser mapping for building illumination

Lotus park

Concept design


Multi-media show (audience participatory)


Shanghai Industrial Group Pavillion

Multi-media samples

Includes few projects

Rendering samples

Includes several projects