Company History

Born in 2007 as a group of Director and Producers who are professionals in Spectacular show design. The group established Showdoh, Inc. in 2012. Our headquarter locates in Tokyo Japan. Korea branch in Seoul Korea, China branch in Beijing and Xian.

Board of Directors

Koyama Masami

Chief Director

Multi-media show director, Koyama Masami was born in 1952 at Nara city in Japan. He learned Photography at Nippon University of Art.

He is working on for his “World of Dream” in Asian countries, since he established his network in Korea and China.


Chief designer

As Art director and Laserist. More than 25 years experience in Multi-Media show industry.

Yoshi Sato

Project Manager

As Marketing and Sales. Have handled over 100 projects since 1986.